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Course 2013_8_MTH306_Sommerhauser

This is WeBWork for MTH306 Fall 2013, taught by Yorck Sommerhäuser at the University at Buffalo.

Your Username is your usual UBIT username, and
your initial Password is your UB person #, see the bottom left of your UB Card (something like 59265358)

When you see the page that lists the homework sets, the will be RUR_A, RUR_B, RUR_C and numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 .. in blue. Click on the (blue) 1 This gives a new page listing problems 1, 2, .., 15 in blue. Click on (blue) Problem 1. After filling in the answer boxes, you click on "Check Answers".

The sets RUR are "Are You Ready for Ordinary Differential Equations" quiz/reviews questions from the University of Arizona.

You should work on paper and be sure to bring your work with you when weeking help. However, you do not hand in problem solutions on paper, rather you complete each question online and click on "Check Answers"

Webwork due dates:
The full-credit HW due date will be 4 class periods after the lecture when the related material was covered. After the full-credit due date, there is a two-week period during which HW will be counted at reduced credit of 80%.

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